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The thyroid gland plays an important part in the endocrine system.  The thyroid gland provides the body with a way of regulating its internal "furnace," as well as ways of speeding up or slowing down basic metabolism.  In our practice, we do not stop after getting proper blood tests for thyroid hormones. We also test other organs, glands, and hormones that affect the thyroid. This is important for many of my patients who complain about a wide variety of problems such as thinning hair, constipation, cold hands, cold feet, irritability, anxiety or depression, fatigue, infertility, exhaustion, moodiness, brain fog, weight loss or weight gain, and infertility or who have an autoimmune condition.

The scope of the thyroid's importance in the body is huge.  By doing proper blood testing on the thyroid gland and other body system relating to thyroid system, you will get to the actual cause of your condition.  We don't just guess about our clients' health.  We take a comprehensive history, perform a physical exam, and run the necessary diagnostic testing in order to determine the client's individual chemistry and the impact of their chemistry on their thyroid condition.  Only then can we direct them to the proper healthy lifestyle changes, dietary changes, nutritional support, and herbal support that will help balance their thyroid chemistry and make them feel better.

We want you to think about about your own situation, about the times the doctor told you your lab results were not "bad enough to treat" or your TSH was normal even when your thyroid symptoms made you feel bad. We want to give you an alternative to the "watch-and-wait" approach conventional medicine often uses.  We believe our "information-rich" approach could send you on an incredible journey to health.

Watch the videos in the Ultimate Thyroid Health Video series by clicking on the link to the right. You will learn more than you have ever learned about your thyroid gland and its relationship within your body's chemistry and physiology.  Most importantly, you will learn that there is hope; you don't have to continue to sufferWhen you are ready to start down the road to wellness, call our office or click the blue button below to schedule a complimentary consultation. You can also fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your consultation.

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To Give Hope to those who lose it, Healing to those who need it, and Inspiration to those who seek it to restore people to their God-given healthy potential is what we do.

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